Landscape Design and Installation

You probably know that landscaping can increase the value and curb appeal of your property by accentuating the beauty of your architecture and can help protect your home or commercial property from the elements, but did you know that landscaping can also help to increase the energy efficiency of your home or commercial property? The shade from trees and other foliage can lead to thousands of dollars in savings on your cooling bills.


We specialize in creating and installing custom landscapes to overcome issues you may be experiencing with your current landscaping, to increase the curb appeal of your property, or to increase your enjoyment of your property. As part of your consultation, we will be able to recommend multiple options for any need or desire you have. Once we establish your preferences, we will design and install a custom landscaping plan for your property.

Professsional Consultation

The first step in a comprehensive landscaping plan is a professional consultation. During the consultation, you will meet directly with the Owner of Carolina Scapes on your property to discuss your needs and desires while keeping your budget in mind. Whether you wish to simply maintain your current landscaping or start from scratch, Carolina Scapes will create a custom plan to fit your needs and ensure the beauty of your property. 

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is crucial in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your property, but you may not have the time or resources to care for your landscape properly, or maybe you would rather spend that time doing other things. Don't worry. Whatever your reason, we are here to take the time-consuming burden of maintaining your landscape from your shoulders.


We offer a full range of services including turf management; core aeration; seeding, fertilizing, and liming; herbicides and pesticides; and trimming and pruning.


Do you ever get tired of looking at your beautiful garden/lawn from afar? With hardscapes, you can fully enjoy your landscaping by being in it. Hardscapes makes it easy to get from point A to point B without damaging grass or compacting the soil in flower beds.  Not only is it suitable for patios and walkways, but hardscapes can control erosion and protect your plants in times of severe weather. Furthermore, hardscapes are a great aesthetic addition to any landscape. 

Bed Renewal/Creation

​While mulch is not mandatory, its benefits make it well worth the effort. Mulch can prevent weed germination, hold moisture to keep your plants from drying out quickly, insulate and protect the roots from harsh weather conditions and add nutrition to your plant bed/garden as it breaks down. All of that aside, a nicely mulched bed looks far better than a bed of bare soil. 

Irrigation Maintenance and Drainage Solutions

Ensuring that your lawn and plants receive the correct amount of water is crucial to their health. For many reasons, your existing irrigation may not be watering your lawn and plants optimally. We can check your irrigation system, diagnose, and correct any issues to ensure your lawn and plants are receiving the perfect amount of water.


Drainage is also vitally important for the health and aesthetics of your landscaping. If done incorrectly it can cause numerous problems including the death of plants and grass to washed-out sections of flowerbeds. Furthermore, pools of water on your property provide ideal conditions for mosquitos and other parasites, which can spread disease, to breed. We can assess and correct many issues stemming from improper drainage leading to a well-maintained and beautiful landscape you can enjoy without the annoyance of many pesky parasites.

Landscape Lighting

​Landscape lighting is an excellent addition to any property. Not only does it allow you to enjoy your landscaping once the sun sets and show off your beautiful property at night, but it also functions as added safety and security. There are only so many hours of daylight, many of which you likely spend away from your home leaving many hours you could spend enjoying your landscaping with little natural light. Landscape lighting is the perfect solution to this issue; it illuminates the beauty of your property. Furthermore, landscape lighting allows you to see your property even when you are inside enabling you to stay aware of anything or anyone that may pose a treat to your property, self, or family.

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